ICT for All Educational Initiative

Under this initiative, Teamvision Movement Association looks forward to providing hand on ICT Tuition to basic schools in deprived and remote communities across Ghana.The introduction of ICT as a compulsory subject under the new Ghana Education Service (GES) curriculum has created a massive challenge to schools that lack access to ICT infrastructure, computers, and qualified teachers.

It is hard for these schools to implement the ICT component of the syllabus. Majority of students in Ghana do not have the ICT proficiency required to pass the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) successfully.

ICT for All Educational Initiative seeks to solicit and distribute low-cost refurbished computers with relevant open source educational software to schools in deprived communities where the digital divide is at its greatest.

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Read and Write Initiative(RWI)

The Read and Write Initiative (RWI) seeks to support children who find it difficult to read and write to get the opportunity to learn the effective and efficient methods of learning words, spelling them to essentially read them as well.

This initiative will supply story books to schools to aid the pupils have fun oriented books that will involve their infant fantasies to enable them love reading. Reading is fundamental to a child’s academic success — and their future. It is a foundation for all learning.

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Evangelism Ministry

Evangelism is the duty of every believer. Whether you share your faith a lot or a little, the Lord wants us to share his word across all borders.

Teamvision also undertakes house-to-house evangelism in the remote villages across Ghana.

The team has been heeding the call to evangelism in the inner villages of Ghana. From one on one personal witnessing to village wide crusades in Ghana. The efforts from the team goes unprecedented in the inner villages as do the results.

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